x0 Network.

We are building a decentralized global payment framework that enables interoperability between FIAT currencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Other Digital Assets.

At the heart of x0 Network is x0swap. x0swap is a decentralized automated digital asset exchange that powers the liquidity and interoperability of x0's network. Existing in multiple blockchains, x0swap allows participants to exchange assets easily across network and geography.

Feature 02

x0App is a series of mobile apps that allows users to connect to x0 Network easily and access all the features and benefits like liquidity mining, exchange and transfer of assets at the click of a button. It will be released on Google's Android as well as Apple's iOS devices.

Feature 03

x0API is a set of API and interconnectivity tools that we develop to onboard every layer of financial system. From big banks to small fintech players serving the unbanked, everyone has the same power to leverage the power of decentralized finance.

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